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HomeSocial - Amish Dinner

Annual Dinner at the Miller Farm


What:  Annual club gathering for family-style dinner at an Amish farm near Choteau, OK

Buggy and bike near Clarita, OK, FreeWheel 2011


When:  Saturday, May 3, 2013.

Dinner is served at 5:30pm.


Where:  Miller Farm 5884 S 620 Rd, 3 miles south of Choteau, OK and west of Hwy 69 a couple of miles.

Carpool to the farm with club members by meeting at the Hard Rock Casino 193rd E Ave and I-44 at  4:45pm. 


Cost:  $17.50/person, in advance, checks payable to TBC, RSVP by Friday, April 25th.


RSVP:  By Friday, April 25th, to Jayne Swift by email to 
or phone 918-851-2998.

The Tulsa Bicycle Club has gathered for several years now to dine "family style" at the Miller Farm south of Choteau.  In the cool of their earth-sheltered dinning room at tables set for a host of hungry guests beneath gas lamps, the members of the Miller family serve a home-cooked feast, fresh-brewed tea or lemonade, and mouth watering deserts.


No one leaves hungry, however, you can take home a sample of the jams and breads to enjoy later or share with friends!


If you've never done this before, you owe it to yourself to join us; you won't regret it!




Chouteau Amish



Oklahoma is not known for much Amish settlement.  But the state does have a small but long-lived presence in two places, at Chouteau in Mayes County, and Clarita in Coal County.




The settlement near Chouteauin Mayes County is over 100 years old, having been founded in 1910.


Chouteau is not a large community, given its age.  But it is the largest in Oklahoma, and the largest Amish community west of the much more heavily-Amish states ofIowa and Missouri.  As of 2011, the Chouteau community numbered 4 church districts, around 600 people.

Most of the first Amish to settle at Chouteau came from Ohio.  The most common last name for Amish in this community is “Yoder” (Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture: Amish).


The Chouteau Amish are known for its liberal use of tractors, which, unlike most Amish, they use in the fields.  Tractors are considered a necessity due to the difficult-to-work soil in the region.  Most Amish do not permit tractors to be used in the fields due to their similarity to cars, though many Amish will allow tractor engines to be used to power machinery near the barn.   In addition to farming the Chouteau Amish run a variety of businesses (read more on Amish furniture in Oklahoma).

There is a bit of a tourism industry at Chouteau as well.  The Amish Cheese House, as well as the Dutch Pantry, are two of the food attractions.  Ropp’s Farm and Bakery is another venue providing baked goods and sweets.



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